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Spectrometric Fluid Analysis


Spectrometric Engine Fluid Analysis.

State-of-the-art ICP (Inductive-Coupled Plasma) spectrometry identifies and measures contaminates in the Engine Oil, transmission Oil and the Antifreeze.



        Carbon and Dirt

            Fresh or Salt Water

                Metal Particulates

Sample Reports;     Gas Engine    Diesel Engine    Marine Transmission

The Spectrometers also measures levels of metal particles. These levels are matched against a data base of fluid type and engine type for a comparison report.

Lab Spectrometer Analysis and Interpretation.

$75.00 per sample

Allow 3 to 5 days for lab results and report.

Things to consider

Sea-going engines require special attention in oil analysis. These engines are not often mechanically different from their land-borne cousins, but they are quite different in their environment and how they are operated. They tend to pull heavy and constant power for long periods of time. The operating environment has the engines situated in holds with little air for cooling and little room for maintenance. Some are treated to splashing bilge water and use seawater for cooling.

Marine engine oil analysis has to take all these factors into consideration when determining if a mechanical problem actually exists. From small piston, gas-fueled engines to gigantic diesels, we have universal wear averages available for determining your marine engine's health.

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